Charles Garrido


Charles is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner. He has 5 years of experience working in the medical cardiac unit at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Dedicated to providing the best patient care possible through listening to patients and employing motivational interviewing techniques. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then earned his Master of Science degree at Chamberlain University. He holds a national board certification with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner AANP.

He is passionate about body wellness and preventative care and trained in functional medicine. Practiced in a variety of health care settings, treating patients with a variety of illnesses and injuries in English and Spanish. Team player ready to provide seamless collaborative care for patients. He believes that the best way to provide high-quality patient care is to acknowledge each patient’s individuality and meet them on their level. Care should be patient-focused with the patient at the center of decision-making. Health, wellness, and illness should be viewed through the lens of the patient as a whole. Patient care should be compassionate with an emphasis on educating the patient while building a strong therapeutic relationship built on trust and best evidenced-based practice.


He is very excited to work with the excellent team of Center for Wellness and Pain Care of Las Vegas and provide exceptional care in pain management.

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