Services of The Wellness Rejuvenation Center

As a pioneer in the medical field and a dedicated policy to help patients, the Center of Wellness and Pain Care of Las Vegas has come up with two new services. They are:

  1. BioTe: This is a medical treatment where the bioidentical hormone is introduced in the patient body to treat any hormone imbalances. This therapy works in both men and women. Our body runs on the different hormones that are released and regulators our body system. These hormones act as messengers, interacting with specific target cells, and send signals to organs to perform a certain task. However, with age, hormone production in our body changes, and this causes an imbalance in our body function. BioTe balance the hormone and indirectly make you feel young
  2. Weight loss program: You can easily find tons of weight loss programs on the internet and clinics. However, the center of wellness and Pain care of Las Vegas has come up with an indigenous weight loss program. Our program is designed to serve to each individual and their habits. So, no matter your weight and your work habit. You would surely be benefited by our weight loss program. We help you reshape your lifestyle by adopting healthy new habits and breaking unhealthy old ones.

These are two new services that we have added to our wellness rejuvenation center. As you can see, these are targeted in making people feel healthier and younger.

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