The lifestyle of an average American is so hectic that it tends to cause several medical issues. With busy work life and invention of technology, many kids and adults choose to sit on their couch all day long. Even the working class American spends approximately 8 hours sitting either in their office or at home. When the body doesn’t get the required movement, it tends to become more fragile and prone to sprain and pain. The prevailing issue for the American Health system is the rise in number of patients with chronic back, neck and joint pain. While millions are spent on cancer research and treatment, chronic back pain is largely ignored due to insufficient knowledge about the issue and disregarding it as a major illness by the masses.

Chiropractic treatment is a form of alternative medication which deals with the treatment of the activity system of the body, but primarily deals with the issues related to the spine. A chiropractor believes that if the skeletal system is not functioning, it will affect the whole nervous system causing hindrance in our daily activities. They mainly help in the treatment of chronic back pain and neck pain. They also assist the patient with their diet, exercises and lifestyle counselling.

Las Vegas has around 300 Chiropractors, each with a reputation of their own, with some of them having managed to make a name for themselves. It is devised to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. It is often used to treat back and lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder sprains, and severe headaches.

The Center for Wellness and Pain Care of Las Vegas is one of the most famous clinics in Las Vegas for people with constant pain in their joints, neck and the spine. The clinic is equipped with modern amenities, experienced doctors, and has various treatments available for acute and chronic pains. One of the most effective treatments available here is Manipulation under Anesthesia.  In this procedure, the chiropractor will find the affected area such as neck, back and lower back, joints, long term pain syndromes, etc. Manipulation under anesthesia uses a combination of specific short-lever spinal manipulations, passive stretches and specific articular and postural kinesthetic maneuvers, in order to break up fibrous adhesions that scar the tissues around the spine. The treatment is performed by licensed doctors with ample experience in performing this procedure. MUA is considered effective and safe by practitioners and is performed by doctors all over the world. The clinic also offers post-procedure care to make sure the patient is recovered fully.

Chronic neck and back pain is harmful in the long run. If you experience any such pain symptoms, contact the emergency services immediately. To know more about our procedures, book an appointment  with us.

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