We have come a long way in terms of surgeries related to critical area of human body. Few decades ago, it was considered extremely dangerous to perform a spinal surgery as a tiny mistake would lead to paralysis or permanent damage. Advancement in the field of medicine and surgery has now made it possible to perform surgeries without major incisions. Minimally invasive spine surgeries are now performed by all major clinics and hospital. In this procedure, specialized instruments are used to access the spine through minimal incision. Traditional open spine surgery requires 5 to 6 inch of incision and then moving muscles to the side to access the spine for surgery. Hence, the major drawback is when the muscles are retracted it tends to damage the soft tissue which could result in muscle injuries. Thus the recovery period gets prolonged.

A minimally invasive spine surgery reduces the risk of injuries to the spine and muscles, thus the recovery period is shorter. Center of Wellness and Pain Care in Las Vegas offers several minimal invasive spine surgery procedures at their clinic. The procedures are safe and take minimal time to conduct as well as the recovery period is short. Below mentioned are some of the procedures offered by the clinic:

Lumbar Radiofrequency Neurotomy is a minimally-invasive procedure, also called radiofrequency rhizotomy, which reduces or eliminates the pain of damaged facet joints by disrupting the medial branch nerves that carry the pain signals. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Another procedure offered by the clinic is Vertebroplasty. This treatment is used to repair spine fractures caused by osteoporosis or cancer. It stabilizes the spine, providing rapid back pain relief and helping prevent further weakening of the spine.

Kyphoplasty is also known as balloon vertebroplasty. This procedure is a minimally invasive process, which treats fractures to the spine, which are caused by osteoporosis. It is designed to provide rapid back pain relief and help straighten the spine. Patients who underwent kyphoplasty have asserted that their pain has reduced significantly, and they received immediate back relief as soon as the procedure was completed. This procedure may sound complicated but it is smooth and easy to perform.

All procedures are conducted after a thorough test by a team of doctors who then determine the affected region and the treatment to be done. The clinic is well equipped with modern amenities and offers post-procedure care.

Back pain may occur without any symptoms; therefore it is important to consult a specialist and not just rely on pain killers. For emergencies contact 911 and to know more about our procedures and diagnosis, book an appointment with us.

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