Neuropathic pain is also known as neuropathy or nerve pain. This is one of the most common chronic pain and generally affects legs, neck, arms, and the lower back. This pain is related to problems in your neurological system.

You will learn about Neuropathic pain below:

  • Neuropathic pain is associated with the nerves:

It is caused by an injury, disease, or malfunction in any nerves of all body. The pain can be described as pricking a needle or a pin, radiating pain into the arms or legs, burning sensation or shock-like pain. Even weakness or numbness can occur in our body due to it.

The pain can occur in any part of the body with the damaged nerve. The symptoms are very unpredictable and vary from person to person.

  • Neuropathic pain can become chronic pain:

Although neuropathic pain goes away on its own within three months. However, if the damage is deadly, then it can’t be healed on its own and with time becomes impossible to treat. E.g., herniated disc

  • Ways to manage Neuropathic pain:

There are many ways to treat damaged nerves. You can go for medication, nerve block injections, and other treatment to cure the pain.

  • Oral medications for neuropathic pain:

Normally medications which are prescribed for depression and epilepsy are given to patients in neuropathic pain. This is because opioids are ineffective in easing neuropathic pain.

These are ways you can recognize the symptoms of Neuropathic pain and then treat them.  

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