Owing to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle which we all have become a part of over the past few years, back pain has become a common issue among all of us. A lot of people have now moved to routines like yoga, tai chi and many more to maintain flexibility, to improve their lifestyle and to mainly stay pain-free. However, these routines can only help in basic maintenance and well-being of the body. If back pain is caused due to external conditions like shock, then it is extremely crucial to consult your doctor about the steps to be taken ahead.

At the Center For Wellness And Pain Care Of Las Vegas, there are multiple options you can go for when it comes to back pain treatment. Being an efficient back specialist in Las Vegas, the Center has an array of treatments for all your back problems. While many cases of back pain are simple muscle-based problems, there have been cases in which even though the pain levels have been noticed to be low, the main problem at hand has been a serious one. This is why it is always advised to consult your physician, in case of prolonged periods of back pain.

When it comes to lower back pain relief, we, at the Center For Wellness And Pain Care Of Las Vegas, provide multiple modes of treatment and therapies which are designed to not just alleviate pain, but to eradicate it from its root itself. We give personalized attention to each patient of ours, when it comes to the kind of treatment we provide to them; this is always dependent on their body’s response. We provide services like massage therapy, which reduces pain, provides relief and greatly reduces the patient’s anxiety levels. We also provide aromatherapy, which involves the usage of essential oils which enable complete well-being. We also use acupuncture, which involves insertion of extremely thin needles into the body at strategic points. It is a major part of Chinese medicine, and also the most common more used for pain relief throughout the world.

In case of a compression fracture, we also provide kyphoplasty, which is also known as balloon vertebroplasty. It involves the insertion of a needle into the damaged vertebra, which then inserts a balloon in the vertebra’s body. The balloon then inflates, bringing the vertebra back to its original shape and position. After that, bone cement is inserted through the same needle, which brings the bone back to its original shape. Once that is done, your doctor guides you as you recover.

With all the above, we not only ensure that your pain is alleviated, but also the fact that the cause of the pain is taken care of.