Shoulder Blade is the triangular bone that makes the back of your shoulder. If you are having some pain in and around the shoulder blade, it may restrict your arm movement. The pain can be sharp or burning. If so, the possible causes of this pain are:

1. Poor posture:

If you sit in a prolong posture for a long time, your spine may undergo structural changes. This can cause pain beneath the shoulder blade. This poor posture is Bend back, tilting your head down, or putting more pressure on one side.

2. Improper lifting:

Regularly lifting heavy weight with an improper technique will make you susceptible to injury. Your spine generally misaligned if you put too much pressure on it. This can also happen if you lift weight above your head.

3. Overuse:

If you indulge in any activities on a normal day that can lead to muscle strains and ligament sprains. Then we call it Overuse of your upper back and this can cause pain under your Shoulder Blade.

4. Cervical herniated disc:

This condition occurs in the Cervical spine (Neck) when a disc’s outer layer tears and the inner layers start to come out. This can cause a lot of pain and often radiates into the shoulder.

5. Dislocated rib:

This is rare to happen but if your rib misaligns from its position. Then a sharp pain is felt under your shoulder blade.

6. Heart condition:

Some heart conditions can cause pain in the shoulder blade. Aortic dissection and heart attack are typical reasons behind this pain.

7. Compression fracture:

These happen in older adults when their vertebral bone weakens and compresses. This cause a lot of pain upon touch.

These are the possible reasons for the pain beneath your shoulder blade.

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