There are many reasons why you may suffer from Stiff back pain and knowing these underlying causes can help your doctor treat you better.

Here are four common reasons for a stiff back:

  1. Tight muscles in your thighs and hips – Any tightness in a muscle in your thighs and lips can lead to change in shape of your spine, which leads to a stiff back. Let’s take tight hamstring as an example. When your hamstring is tight, they become shorter. These changes in the body disrupt the alignment of your spine with the hip. This ultimately led to a stiff back. Any tightness in thighs or hips muscle can cause stiffness with or without pain.
  2. Sitting in an unnatural position – When you sit in an unnatural position for a long time, you increase pressure within each spinal segment, which leads to reduced pressure in your back muscles. This is why doctors suggest not to sit on the edge of a chair as it increases strain on your spine and eventually causes stiffness and pain.
  3. Inflammatory changes – Inflammation starts with a small injury or swollen parts, but with time, your spine becomes less flexible and ending in stiffness. There are only two common types of Inflammation problems in the spine. They can be easily treated with exercise, meditation, and yoga. This stiffness generally starts in the morning, but as you move on, you start to feel a lot better.
  4. Dehydration and shrinkage of your spinal discs – Our spinal discs have only one function, and that is to act as shock-absorbing pads and distribute loads within your spine. As we age, our spinal discs also degenerate, and this decreases its efficiency. Due to it, there is a breakdown in its fibrocartilage component, loss of water, and a decrease in its height. These changes can cause spinal stiffness, especially during bending movements.

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