The spine is among the most crucial and significant parts of your body. Your spine bears your weight, supports your spinal cord, is flexible, and does much more. The backbone or the spine is quite essential when it comes to the flexibility and strength of our body. It is because of the structure of the backbone. The spine consists of 24 bones called vertebrae on top of each other and separated by discs. They form a passage for the spinal cord, which connects the body with the brain and helps to keep communication intact.

Typical forms of Spinal Pain

Spinal pain in the cervical and lumbar region are quite prevalent amongst people. Neck pain and muscle strains often happen due to muscle strain in the spinal region. The lumbar (back) and the cervical (neck) often gets strained. It is because it bears your weight and is involved in the function of moving, twisting, and bending. A lumbar muscle strain occurs when muscle fibers are torn or stretched up abnormally. When this happens, the soft tissues become inflamed, which in turn causes pain and muscle spasms. It often requires neurosurgical attention.

Cause of Spinal Pain

The cause of spinal pain can be due to several things, which involve irrational movement in the arms and legs and affects the rib cage towards the chest portion of your body. Some symptoms of spinal pain are -

  1. Stiffness in the lower back area which restricts the range of motion
  2. Extreme difficulty in maintaining normal posture due to stiffness and pain
  3. Frequent muscle spasms while doing an activity or when your body is at rest
  4. Consistent pain which exists for almost 2 to 3 weeks
  5. Unable to carry out regular motor functions like the ability to walk on your heels or tiptoe on your toes.

Testing for Spinal pain

A specialist and a surgeon should always perform diagnostic testing for spinal pain. It is preferred to consult a specialist only when the pain is present for more than two weeks. If the symptoms mentioned above are persistent, your doctor will order several tests like an X-ray, an MRI or a CT scan, and an Electromyography (EMG).


One can treat spinal pain with reduced activity and bed rest for a short period. It is so because prolonged rest periods can cause the muscle to lose strength and may increase muscle stiffness, causing discomfort and pain. Physical therapy could be helpful, including pelvic traction, ice and heat therapy, gentle massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and several stretching exercises.


More than 90% of patients could completely recover from spinal pain within a month. The Centre for Wellness and Pain Care of Las Vegas is the best option for proper and hygienic treatment and recovery. Following appropriate treatment, the doctor and surgeon prescribe adequate medication and help determine activities the patient can resume. This way, patients could benefit from supervised rehabilitation and therapy after treatment. The doctor provides pertinent information regarding the treatment and recovery so that patients can rely on our doctors. Picking a doctor that the patient can feel comfortable with is quite essential. So, this is why we have the best physicians with whom the patient can get treated to get the best outcome.

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