available for back pain also. But do you know when you should see a spine specialist or a Spine doctor? Henderson houses various clinics run by experts to eliminate severe back pain effectively. If you have been facing back pain for a long or have any of the signs mentioned below, you must require a doctor's care. So, read the following symptoms to understand when to get a doctor's appointment.

If you have weakness in your legs, hands, feet, or arms

If you feel numbness or weakness in your legs, feet, hands, or arms can probably be a sign of an issue in your lower back area. The nerves in this lumbar region connect your entire body to your brain through the spine. So if you have weakness or tingling sensations in your legs or hands, you must see a spine doctor. Henderson has recently recorded various cases of severe spine injury. Often it happens due to a herniated disc. Only a spine doctor can determine the underlying cause and provide proper treatment.

If you have chronic pain

To determine whether you are experiencing chronic pain, you must first know the difference between chronic and acute pain. Acute pain in your back lasts for a short period. It usually goes away within a couple of days or one or two weeks. However, if your back pain persists for over three or four weeks, you have subacute pain. Chronic pain happens if you have back pain for more than ten to twelve weeks. It can occur due to a sudden injury that has disrupted your spine structure. So if you feel consistent pain in your back, it's time to schedule an appointment with a spine specialist.

If you have bladder or bowel issues

Irregular bladder or bowel movements can signify seeing a spine doctor. Henderson residents have successfully cured underlying spine problems after considering this prominent sign. If you find yourself using the washroom more often than regular, it can be due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Nerve damage is also among the common causes of bowel and bladder issues. It can lead to severe back pain in a short period. So make sure to see a spine doctor if you experience unusual bowel or bladder functions.
If you face any signs, you must schedule an appointment at The Center for Wellness & Pain Care of Las Vegas for prompt treatment and recovery. Check the site mentioned below to know the underlying cause of your back pain and get proper treatment. https://cwpclv.com/

If you experience Fever or Sudden Weight Loss

Fever or sudden weight loss can signify that you have a spine issue that needs to be taken care of immediately. Facing back pain in your lumbar region and fever can happen because of a severe spine problem. Most likely, if you face a fever right after a muscle strain on the back. Weight loss can also be a common sign of spine injury. So you must visit a spine doctor if you suddenly lose extra pounds and have severe back pain.

Final Take -

Often what we tend to neglect costs us much more. Back pain is one such issue that may seem ordinary. If you have any symptoms mentioned on the list, you should never delay getting treatment at the earliest. However, if it is persistent for more than a few weeks, you must schedule an appointment with a spine specialist.

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