Due to the complexity of spine surgeries severe pain is common post-operation. Patients generally face mild to extreme pain after back surgery for a few days to possibly weeks. In some cases, spine surgeries can cause extended pain which will need proper pain management treatment.

If you are suffering from pain after back surgery, there can be a number of explanations. See a pain specialist like the ones at The Center For Wellness and Pain Care to receive a full, in-depth work up on your pain.

Causes of Pain after a Spine Surgery

A spine surgery welcomes back pain in most cases. But that doesn't mean it's normal. Spine surgery pain Henderson can have multiple reasons for your back pain. If this pain extends for more than a couple of days, you should definitely go to a pain care center. A set of the common reasons for spine surgery pain Henderson –

  • Abnormal Motion

Our spine is designed to be flexible and rigid at the same time. A back surgery can invite problems associated with the characteristics of the spine by making it less flexible and more rigid. This results in abnormal motion where you feel extreme pain in your spine.

  • Bad Posture

Adequate recovery time is necessary after a back surgery. If you are sitting or sleeping with poor posture your spine could potentially not heal properly which will increase the recovery time. At the Center for Wellness and Pain Care, we want to make this journey as easy as possible by getting you the care you need.

What's The Solution?

If you face abnormal pain in your back after a few days of your surgery, you should immediately consult a pain care specialist. The Center for Wellness and Pain Care will examine your condition thoroughly and provide you with solutions to resolve your pain. Our pain care center has highly qualified professionals that are ready to treat you now! now!

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