The spine is a very sensitive part of our body. A series of spinal nerves travel from the spine to different parts of the body. If any of these spinal nerves are irritated or compressed, they cause a lot of pain. So, there is a good chance that you might have neck pain, but the source might not be located in the neck as you are dealing with a spinal nerve.

Foot pain caused by spinal nerve:

Sciatica nerve is a spinal nerve which branches from your lower back through the hips and buttock and reaches your foot. Now, for any reason, if this nerve is compressed or irritated, then you may feel pain in your foot. This is also known as Sciatica pain, and it is caused by the spinal nerve.

In general, the sciatica nerve is usually compressed, and it can happen due to a lot of reasons. General symptoms are the inability to lift the front part of your foot, constant tripping while walking, or pain along the outside of your foot. If you feel such pain in your foot, it might be related to your spine.

Ways to treat this pain:

You can visit the CWPCLV; our most frequented treatment is suppressing and isolating the specific spinal nerve. This would prevent it from sending pain signals to your brain. Or, we can lift the compression on the nerve to reduce the pain in your foot. You can either go for our surgical or non-surgical treatment and get back to the normal routine quickly.

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