Spinal stenosis will generally happen when the bone opening of the spinal nerves and spinal cord gets narrow. These might also compress the spinal cord and the spinal verve. This will lead to the development of different various points in the spine. This health issue is likely to occur for people 60 years of age. You can find such diseases with some symptoms and these symptoms are as follows.

  • You will feel the pain and weakness or numbness in the legs, calves or buttocks
  • Pain radiating into one or both thighs and legs
  • Cramping in the calves when you are walking and this requires frequent short rest when you walk for some time
  • Some rare cases also lead to loss of motor functioning of legs and loss of bladder functioning or bowel movements
  • Pain might get increased with bending forward, lying down or sitting


The diagnosis process includes X-rays, MRI, CT scan or CAT scan, myelogram based on the complication of the issues, and the health of the patients. When you are diagnosed with these diseases, you need to follow some tablets regularly, some exercise, and other remedies based on the impact of the issue and physical health. If needed, you will also be suggested for treating the issue.

Thus, when you are feeling such types of health complications, you need to consult with the right doctors. This will prevent some complications of the issues and you can enjoy sound health soon.

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