Shoulder injuries can occur by any number of activities, whether it be household chores or playing sports. The shoulders are the most mobile joint, and become overstressed easily with too much activity.

Here are three common shoulder injuries:

  1. SLAP tear: The shoulder’s socket is protected by a ring of cartilage (labrum). A tear to this ring is called a SLAP tear. This condition develops over time from repeating overhead shoulder movements like throwing a baseball, playing tennis, swimming, etc. General symptoms are decreased performance and pain during certain movements.
  2. Shoulder dislocation: This is a very common injury that occurs when your ligaments, muscles, and tendons are unable to stabilize the shoulder in place . Typically this injury happens due to trauma to the area, and can result in serious pain. Swelling and discoloration varies based on severity of injury.
  3. Rotator cuff injury: This injury is often characterized by a reduced range of motion and stiffness in the shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries are also very painful, especially at night, which makes sleeping uncomfortable.
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