If you are suffering from sciatica pain, then walking could benefit you greatly. Walking can release pain-fighting endorphins and reduce inflammation. However, if you have a poor walking form, you might end up increasing sciatica pain. Here are two walking tips to avoid sciatica pain.

1. Keep a short stride to protect your sciatic nerve

When you walk with long strides, you compress your lumbar discs which irritate your sciatic nerve. Keep a couple of things in mind –

  • Always land between your midfoot and heel. Then you can gently roll onto your toes and push for the next step. This will shorten your strides because it is difficult to roll your foot when away from your body.
  • A slower walking pace means shorter strides. Moreover, you can easily hold a conversation while walking.

2. Use your core muscles to reduce pressure on your spine

When you regularly engage your abdominal muscles, you are shielding your sciatic nerve roots by reducing pressure on your spine. Here's how you can use your core muscles more –

  • Always stand upright with your head and shoulders tall. If it is difficult, then focus on a spot at a distance.
  • Suck your stomach while you are walking. Take deep breaths and walk slowly. Otherwise, you will find it hard to walk with a straight abdominal muscle.

Sciatica pain is unbearable, so, if you are suffering from it. You should visit a doctor -like those at The Center for Wellness and Pain Care in Las Vegas for further guidance on how to walk and sit to avoid sciatica pain.

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