If you are suffering from Sciatica, then your doctor might have recommended getting adequate sleep each night. Although this is an important part of the healing process, it can be increasingly difficult due to the Sciatica pain. Here, we will list three simple tricks to help you sleep better.

  1. Sleep with a pillow between your legs: If you are a side sleeper, this trick is a lifesaver. So, start by sleeping on the side with your knees slightly bent. Now, place a pillow between your thighs/ knees. A few researches show that this position helps the body with spinal pain.
  2. Lift your knees: If you are a perennial back sleeper, then sleeping on your back will increase lower back pain. This position increases pressure on joints in the back of your spine, and hence, you should sleep with your knees elevated.
    Lie on your back with your hips and heels touch down. Now, slightly lift your knees and place pillows under it. Place different or more pillows until you find the position which doesn’t cause back pain.
  3. Sleep on a medium-firm mattress: If the mattress doesn’t suit you, you would be changing position throughout the night. Your body won’t be properly rested, and it will lead to pain. Now, a heavy mattress does adapt to your unusual position while a soft mattress might put excessive pressure. Hence, as a sciatica pain patient, you should try a Medium-firm mattress.

There is no defined set of rules for finding the right sleeping position. It is a trial and error process with lots of errors. Still, if you face any issue, visit our clinic, “The Center for Wellness & Pain Care of Las Vegas,” to consult world-class doctors.

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