Sciatica is the nerve pain that might be because of the injury or irritation to the sciatic nerve that originates from the buttock or gluteal area. This is the longest and thickest nerve that is made of 5 roots. Two from the lower back region called the lumbar pain and three from the spine section. All these nerves will assemble to form a right and left sciatic nerve. When there is an injury in the nerve, pain occurs. This might also cause irritation, pinching, inflammation, or compression of the nerve at the bower back.

When it comes to the relationship with the knee pain, sciatica is technically a symptom and not a condition on its own. This describes the pain, pins, and needles or lack of feeling in the legs that might be because of pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve. As the nerve extends till toe, this will go up the lower back and the nerve will travel through the back of the knee. This will control the muscles present in that area. So, when you are suffering from sciatica, you will obviously feel knee pain.

So, when you are feeling the knee pain along with the low back pain, it is better to look for the right doctor. You should be diagnosed first and you will be treated based on the severity of the pain. It is better to prevent issues when it is less in effect. So, get it cured before it gets massive.

When you are suffering from such issues, you can consider visiting The Center for Wellness and Pain Care of Las Vegas. It is one of the places where the necessary medical treatment is offered for all the medical complications. Along with the medical procedure, their way of treating the patients, the environment, etc will help for the faster recovery.

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