Sciatica is one of the common problems faced by people between the ages of 30 and 50. Sciatica originates at lumbar spine but the pain will occur at thigh, leg, and foot. Numbness and weakness in the extremities are amoung the symptoms experienced by those who have sciatica. The good news is that it is a common problem that can be treated properly without surgery.

Causes of sciatica:

Herniated or ruptured disc are the major root causes for sciatica. During the younger stages of our life discs are softer and contain 80% of water but when we get older, the water content will decrease. This leads to a wear and tear situation in your discs. Pain can be experienced lower back extending into the buttocks and feet.


Apart from symptoms, clinical examination including neurological and musculoskeletal testing is very important in the diagnosis of sciatica.  Images tests like MRI, EMG are often used to determine the exact location of the nerve irritation.

Relief without surgery:

Advanced medical treatments, along with minimally invasive techniquescan help to get rid of sciatic pain without many hurdles. According to reports, up to 90% of the herniated discs may be treated without surgery. Using fluoroscope guidance, physicians are able to injecting directly into the inflamed discs and close to affected nerve roots which brings much-needed relief to the patients suffering from sciatica. Epidural injections are very accurate and effective in treating sciatic pain without surgery. There are lots of exercises are also there which can help get relief from herniated discs. Yoga and other stretch exercises also will help in the long run. Maximum benefit from these is obtained by practicing those techniques consistently over time.  For more information, visit

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