Our kitchen stores various superfoods that have unique qualities for pain management. Pahrump has recently recorded several severe cases of patients suffering from pain. While it is essential to see a doctor if the pain seems unbearable, you can also find some excellent painkillers in your kitchen. If you want to know about these super easy home remedies for pain management, keep on reading.

Garlic or Garlic Oil

Garlic is a fantastic ingredient to help in pain management. Pahrump residents often use garlic or Garlic Oil as a natural painkiller for earache. It has several antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It also boosts your immunity and controls high blood pressure. That's why garlic can be beneficial for seasonal colds and coughs. Regular massage with garlic oil is highly effective for knee, neck, and joint pains.


Turmeric is a magic ingredient when it comes to pain management. You may often use turmeric while preparing plenty of food items. Still, you also need to know its benefits in pain management. Turmeric works like a natural painkiller having several antioxidant properties. It can reduce your joint pain significantly. Turmeric proves to be a great ingredient to regulate your arthritis. Moreover, because of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, it is also effective for pancreatitis, stomach ailments, and a lot more.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil has recently become a well-known home remedy for menstrual pain management. Pahrump houses several essential oils stores from where you can easily buy them. This natural PMS treatment includes gamma-linolenic acid, a fatty acid with pain-relieving benefits. Evening Primrose Oil has multiple hormone-balancing effects. But you must take it daily from the first day of your period until it's over.


Cloves are a widely used ingredient. However, you may not have come across its pain management benefits. Clove consists of eugenol, which is an organic pain reliever. Various OTC rubs consist of eugenol. Cloves have antioxidants that can treat bacterial infections, regulate blood pressure and reduce free radical damage. However, if you are among those who suffer from severe pain, you must visit The Center for Wellness & Pain Care of Las Vegas. It is a reputed pain care clinic where you can get total relief from pain with modern technologies and treatments. Please go through this link below to visit their website. https://cwpclv.com.

Rosemary Essential Oil

You may have applied rosemary essential oil or mixed it with other ingredients for your skin and hair. It also has immense effects in reducing multiple pains. Rosemary essential oil is highly beneficial for headaches. It is also helpful in releasing muscle pain, neck and shoulder pain, and bone pain. It effectively works on reducing any inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory agents. But please remember to dilute some drops of rosemary essential oil with another carrier before applying.


Ginger also proves to be a potent ingredient to relieve pain. Consuming ginger tea will show great results if you suffer from chronic pain. Ginger aids muscle pain and soreness and eases symptoms of arthritis. Mixing raw ginger with tea or smoothies can also elevate your digestion issues. Additionally, it is also helpful to keep your blood sugar levels in control.

Final Take -

Many ingredients you usually find in your kitchen come with antioxidants and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. While over-the-counter medicines can give you short-term results, these home remedies are essential for regulating pain for a long time. Regular consumption of cloves, turmeric, garlic, or the application of essential oils is effective for managing pain at home. So don't forget to try these ingredients immediately.

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