When it comes to chronic back pain, most people dismiss it as something trivial. Many even opt for painkillers to just mask the pain and forget about the ailment. However, a lot of people fail to notice that it could be much more than just a little disturbance that could be causing the distress in their back area. Of course, it could be something minor like a muscle pull, but it could be something as severe as vertebral displacement or a vertebral compression fracture, which can cause exceeding amounts of pain to the person. So, when you experience prolonged periods of back pain, consult their doctor for the steps to be taken ahead.

In case the source of the patient’s pain is confirmed to be a vertebral compression fracture, they can opt for a procedure called as kyphoplasty, also known as balloon vertebroplasty. The kyphoplasty procedure is a minimally invasive process, which treats fractures to the spine, which are caused by osteoporosis. It is designed to provide rapid back pain relief and help straighten the spine. Patients who opted for kyphoplasty have claimed that they felt their pain suddenly reducing, and that they received immediate back relief as soon as the procedure was concluded. Even though the process may seem like a complicated one, it is in fact very simple and effective to perform.

Our brilliantly-trained team of doctors is well versed with the kyphoplasty surgery. Firstly, X-Rays confirm if the ailment is caused by a compressed vertebra or not. Once confirmed, the patient is first anesthetized for the process ahead. Post administering the anesthesia, a needle is inserted into the damaged vertebra, while taking the aid of an advanced X-Ray machine, which helps the doctor position the needle correctly into the damaged area. After the needle is placed at the right spot, a balloon device is inserted into the vertebral body. The physician then expands the balloon, which, in turn, expands the vertebra to its original size. Once that is achieved, the balloon device is deflated and retracted from the vertebral body. Now, since a cavity has been created due to the balloon’s expansion in the vertebral body, the physician injects bone cement to fill this cavity, which later dries and replaces the original bone, bringing it back to its original form. Although one needle and balloon is sufficient for most cases, a few patients require more than one needle and balloon. The needle is then removed from the patient’s body, and the opening on the skin is closed.

As said above, most patients have claimed sudden pain reduction after the surgery itself. Post the procedure, your doctor will instruct you on how to take care of the area to aid your recovery.

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