Generally, our lower back pain happens in and around the spinal cord. Most of our body functions are related to the spinal cord. So, our lower Back pain can or cannot point to a deeper issue. You need to understand these reasons are only valid where you have back pain constantly. Here are a few probable reasons why you have regular Lower Back Pain.

1) Unhealthy Diet:

What you eat affect indirectly affect your body function. If you eat something which is high on fat and sugar, then it triggers inflammation throughout the body, also in your lower back. This can cause back pain, so a little improvement in your diet can be an issue.

2) Sitting or sleeping position:

Our body posture affects us in many different ways. If your sitting or sleeping posture is not correct, then it may cause you a lot of pain especially at the back. If you uncomfortable sitting or sleeping for a long time, then it may be the cause for your pain.

3) Uneven hips:

We don't notice this much, but most of us have uneven hips. This can cause you a lot of pain if you usually exercise. If you lunge left regularly, then this may cause a lit bit of pain in the back.

4) Dehydration:

Our spinal cord is made of soft disks. These jelly-like parts are made up of 90% water, so if you are dehydrated, then it may cause some pain. This can be a big problem which needs urgent treatment.

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