Phones, laptops, and tablets have become a part of our life. We carry them everywhere and are always looking at them with our neck titled. Over time, this can develop into a repetitive stress injury or muscle strain. Or we can call it as tech neck pain. Today, we are listing five tips to prevent it.

  1. Keep the screen close: If the mobile or tablet is far from your eyes, your head would automatically tilt towards it. The only way to avoid it is to keep the screen close to your eyes.
  2. Take breaks regularly: Continuously staring at a screen is unhealthy for your eyes and your tech neck. Consequently, it is important to take regular breaks of 2-3 minutes to change your posture and move around.
  3. Sit in a chair with headrest: We want to be as comfortable as we can while watching a movie or working. The best place to rest your head is on the chair’s headrest. It gives your neck a proper posture and avoids neck pain.
  4. Strengthen your muscle: If your muscles aren’t strong enough to hold your head. It will tilt around and put pressure on your neck. This would lead to tech neck pain. Hence, strengthen your muscle to avoid it.
  5. Pay attention to warning signs: If you feel pain in your neck at the end of the day. Pay attention to it and think about the cause of it. If it related to your posture, then use it as a warning sign to prevent it.

So, these are some tips to prevent tech neck pain. If you have passed this point, then we suggest you visit the CWPCLV clinic. Our pain management program has a lot of expert doctors who have years of experience in alleviating pain using different treatments.

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