Whiplash is a neck injury caused by an abrupt neck extension. Because the power of a collision whips your neck back and forth quickly, it's a common injury among individuals involved in vehicle accidents.

Physical attacks (such as when someone aggressively jerks your shoulders), contact sports, and falls can all produce back and forth neck movement.

Most whiplash victims recover in a few weeks. Still, if your symptoms last longer, you should consult a doctor to rule out more severe injuries that might result in long-term damage.

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Symptoms of whiplash

Whiplash causes the muscles of the upper back, as well as the discs and ligaments in the spine, to strain or tear. Symptoms manifest in most patients within 24 hours; however, they may take a few days to appear.

Whiplash is typically not severe, and the injuries are usually restricted to soft tissue. Still, it can cause long-term neck discomfort and stiffness, sensitivity in the shoulders, headaches, lethargy, sleeplessness, and disorientation.

Tinnitus (ear ringing), hazy vision, and poor focus are some less prevalent symptoms. Several problems can arise when the nerves in your head and at the base of your neck are damaged by fastback and forth movement.

Treatment and healing after a whiplash injury

You may anticipate a comprehensive neurological assessment, a physical examination, and imaging to detect any additional potential neck issues during your session.

Doctors use imaging tests to identify torn tendons and assess whether surgery is required. A consultation can also aid in the detection of more significant problems. Ruptured tendons, for example, might mimic the symptoms of whiplash.

The doctor analyzes your posture for any misalignments, palpates your neck area for symptoms of discomfort or tension, and assesses your ability to move your neck during the physical examination. He may also use a rubber hammer to test your neck reflexes to see whether your nerves have been affected by accident.

Whiplash is generally treated with caution. Pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and physical rehabilitation are all included. In rare circumstances, a collar may be used to help stabilize your neck.

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