Walking is muscle memory, we do it without thinking much. It is very easy to do and can help relieve and ease up your lower back pain. If you are undergoing a lower back pain, add walking to your schedule because of following two reasons:

1. Walking strengthens the muscles that support your spine:

The stability and movement of your lower back are maintained by your trunk, core, and lumbar muscles. These muscles can become weak if you tend to spend much of your time seated and inactive. Over some time, you will experience muscular weakness, fatigue, injury, and pain. You can avoid this situation of your muscles just by walking. Let me explain:

  • When you sit all day, the small blood vessel of your spine constricted, and this reduces blood flow to the spinal muscles. Walking helps open up this constricted blood vessel, and your spinal muscle receives its fair share of oxygen and nutrients.
  • Whenever Our muscles contract and expand, they produce physiologic toxins. These toxins will accumulate within the lower back muscle tissues and cause stiffness if they aren’t flushed. Walking helps you flush these toxins out.

Both of these factors contributed to better lower back muscle strength only if you walk daily.

2. Walking increases flexibility in your lower back

If your body doesn’t experience any physical activity, your lower back muscles and joints become stiff. This stiffness increases the pressure on the lumbar spine, which ends up altering the normal curvature.

Walking is the physical activity that stretches not only your legs and hips but also the muscles and joints in your lower back. When you walk, your hamstring, hip flexor muscles, erector muscles of the spine are stretching. This increases the flexibility of your spinal ligaments and tendons. Overall, you have a smoother motion of your lower back.

These are two specific reasons why walking is good for your lower back pain. Even if you don’t suffer from it now, you may later, so it better to take prevention than cure.

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