You might have heard that yoga improved the health of a lot of people. It is an easy but effective way to relax tight muscles and build strength to relieve lower back pain.

Here are three simple poses you can try to relieve your lower back pain:

1. Sphinx pose:

You need a yoga mat or thick towel for this pose. Lie flat on your stomach with your legs straight and forearms tucked in. When you inhale, tighten your legs and raise your chest off the ground using your arms, which stays touch on the ground.

During the pose, your legs, feet, and hips should remain in touch with the ground while the elbows aligned under your shoulder. Hold the pose for 5 seconds and then gently relax back to normal. Practice this pose repeatedly until you are comfortable and then increase the time of pose. The Sphinx pose help relax your lower back muscles.

2. Cat/cow pose:

Cat and cow are two different yoga poses, but you are advised to practice together. You can start with both your hands and legs on the ground. With both aligned under your shoulders and hips, respectively.

  • Look at the floor and keep your head straight. Now you can move to a cat position by rounding your back and lifting the spine towards the ceiling. If you can’t see your belly, then you are doing it wrong.
  • Now exhale and move into a cow pose, slowly lift your chest and towards the ceiling. This will let your stomach sink in the ground. You will now face the ceiling.

Now breath again and move to the cat pose. Repeat these motions a few times, and your lower back will be stretch effectively.

3. Modified down dog pose:

Down dog pose is difficult to perform and can be painful for many people. So, here is a modified version of the pose –

Stand and face the wall with your hands on the wall and between your chest and waist level. Your feet and hips apart. Now bend your knees a little and slowly walk away from the wall, keeping your posture.

You can stop walking when your arms are in a straight line with your spine. Keep your back the whole time. You should feel a stretch through your back. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and then slowly walk out of the pose.

You won’t feel the changes immediately, but sooner or later, you will feel ease in your lower back pain. IF it doesn’t work, then talk to your doctor immediately.

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