The entire human body is connected by muscles, ligaments, bone, and nerves and this will act as the building blocks of the entire body. So, when there are any issues with any one of these, it will lead to complications in several other parts of the body. Lower back and knee are commonly found issues among most people. So, how is this caused? Continue reading to find them.

Back pain

The lower back is made of the vertebral bodies and disc that will usually act as “shock absorbers”. At each vertebral level, the spinal nerves will exist from the spinal cord on both sides. In particular, the lower back will supply both the lower extremities. Low back pain can cause some problems that will involve nerve irritation or compression, which are the reasons for hip and knee pains. When your low back is hurting, you should change the walking style and this will stop hurting the hip and knee.

Hip pain

Hip pain is generally caused because of the weakness of muscles in the pelvic support and it will cause the back and hip pain. Increased internal rotation of the femur can lead to knee pain as well. This hip pain can also originate from the tightness of the iliotibial band because of the irritation of the bursa. Restriction in the hip joint can cause hip and knee pain and it will cause changes in the mechanics. The tightness of the hip flexors at the front of the hip can affect the position of the lower back and also sacroiliac joints in your body.

Some of these might get cured as you are involved in some regular exercise, but some need special treatment and care. So, discuss with the right specialist and care for your health.

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