Stress has become a common part of our life. Whether it is a career, personal life, and or athletic. Anything can cause stress and that stress can become the cause of your lower back pain. Research shows that psychological and emotional factors can be a driving force for pain, especially in your lower back area.

Stress driven lower back pain is not your traditional pain and cannot be properly diagnosed using the previous techniques we have discussed. That means you need to target the source that is your stress. Here are a couple of ways of treating it.

  1. Physical conditioning: If you are suffering from pain, it is wise to stop working out for the time being. As you do not want to further damage your body. We also know that you need to take your mind off the stressful topic if you want to heal. One of those ways is through a workout. So, a common ground is to walk daily for 15-20 minutes each day and just enjoy the weather and scenery instead of thinking about stressors. As with time, you can condition your body into a workout phase while relieving you with stress. So, walking is an effective way to deal with your inactivity and condition your body.
  2. Change your environment: Your surrounding environment has a big impact on your body and mind. If you are feeling stressed, it has something to do with the environment. Hence, try to change your daily routine, different modes of transport to the office or walk to a new park for a little while. These new experiences will grow positivity inside. These little changes are enough to take your mind from stress. As stress goes away, it does not act as the driving force behind your lower back pain. So, you are hitting two birds with this change.

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