Walking is one of those tasks which our body does without thinking. This considered, we may overlook the benefits of walking such as easing your lower back pain. Here are two specific and direct benefits your lower back gets while walking –

1. Muscles supporting your spine strengthens by walking:

Your trunk, core, and lumbar muscles play an important role in maintaining your lower back movement and its stability. However, if you live an inactive life, your muscles can become weak and deconditioned, which eventually cause malalignment of your spine. With time, you will experience weakness, fatigue, injuries, and pain. However, if you walk, your lower back muscles can improve in the following ways –

  • When you walk daily, you open up blood vessels in your body. This increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to these muscles. This flood of blood keeps your spine from getting constricted.
  • Muscle produces physiologic toxins when they expand or contract. Over time, these toxins get stored in lower back muscles and cause stiffness. Regular walking flushes these toxins.

2. Walking increases flexibility:

When you don’t engage in physical activity, your lower back muscle and joints start to become stiff. This stiffness increases the pressure on your lumbar spine, which eventually alters your spine curvature. This leads to many problems in your spine and other parts.

So, when you start walking, you stretch the muscles and ligaments in your back, hips, and legs. This increases your flexibility. This movement prevents increasing pressure on your spine as your hamstring, and erector muscles in the spine are activated and stretched. Walking leads to the movement of all muscles in your legs, which keep stiffness away.

Walking is not just a way to get from one place to another, but essential for our lower back as it stretches muscles and joints so it doesn’t lead to any further problem. To know more, visit The Center for Wellness and Pain Care of Las Vegas.

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