People who suffer from sciatica often complain about a sharp, shooting pain in the leg. The pain worsens when they lie down. So, in this article we will discuss why is it so and what you can do to prevent it!

Leg pain while lying on the back

While lying on your back, the lower spine natural inward curve is stressed more while sitting. Lying in this position for long, decreases the size of the passageways where your nerve roots exit the spinal column. If you suffer from herniated disc or bone spur, a pinch in the nerve root can easily happen, and this results in leg pain.

You can ease this pain by keeping your legs elevated by sleeping with a pillow under your knees. Just keep your legs up, and you will be fine.

Leg pain while lying on the side

You can feel pain in a couple of ways:

  • By lying on the side, you put pressure on the nerve root on your leg and then the pain.
  • Normally our hips are tilted too far when we lie on the side. This causes our spine to curve and then pinch the nerve roots.

Normally people sleep on the side with the unaffected leg, but this won’t work for long and everyone. It is better to place a pillow between your legs and keeping your hips in alignment with your spine. You won’t feel any pain in the leg.

When to see a doctor for leg pain while lying down

If your leg pain is making it impossible for you to sleep, then it is wise to visit the doctor as soon as possible. You should describe how your leg pain feels (sharp, hot, dull, shooting, etc.). Next, you should let him know which position causes you pain and what you do to reduce pain, such as placing pillows or sleeping in a particular way.

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