As winter progresses and the snow settles, skiing is a very thrilling pastime many enjoy. While adventurous it puts our body at risk, being that skiing is a high hazard spor.. MCL and ACL injuries are the most common knee injuries that occur when skiing. Here are three ways to protect your knees while skiing:

  1. Pre-ski warmup: A proper warm-up is recommended for skiing. You can go for lunges, squats, arm circles, and groin stretches in a 15 to 20 minutes session. If you don’t have space, just walk or slow ski to get your muscles warmed up and heart rate pumping
  2. Use Proper equipment: Having equipment that doesn’t fit you often results in an injury. For this reason, it is recommended that you buy your equipment from a reputable shop. Also, mention your skill level to the salesperson as he might present advanced equipment with additional safety.
  3. Practice Correct form: If you do not follow proper form while skiing, even the simplest route can end up in injury. Here are a few techniques you should follow:
    • Keeping your hips above the waist
    • Keeping your arms forward
    • Maintaining balance and control.

If you have proper preparation and knowledge, skiing would be more about enjoying than worrying. You can receive such guidance at The Center For Wellness & Pain Care of Las Vegas.

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