Everyone has experienced nerve pain in their foot at some point in their life. It can be from wearing a bad shoe or perhaps something anatomical like a neuroma. Your foot pain could be from a superficial issue or possibly more serious like an issue in your spine.

Nerve Pain Caused By A Spinal Problem:

Many people don't know that nerve pain in their foot can be caused due to an issue in their lower back (lumbar spine). This type of foot pain generally occurs when you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition related to your lumbar spine and can provoke sciatica symptoms along the large sciatic nerve in your leg. Sooner or later, you will see painful symptoms which travel via the nerve down to your foot.

Local Cause Of Nerve Pain:

Not always is foot pain related to your spine. There are multiple nerves in your foot, and if any one of them got pinched or irritated, then it can cause pain. The use of high heels is a common reason for nerve pain in your foot.

So, if you suffer from foot pain, the first step is to find the source of your pain. If you are unable to do so, then you should visit a reputable doctor like we have at The Centre for Wellness and Pain Care in Las Vegas for further diagnose.

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