There is a lot of information circulating about Coronavirus (COVID – 19), and not all of it is true. This has led the public to distrust or misunderstand some of the information.

So, we are busting a few myths and establishing facts about Coronavirus to help you tackle and understand the disease better –

1. The Chinese Govt has the cure for COVID 19 – FALSE

Truth: Currently, there is no vaccine available for the new coronavirus. However, Scientists have already begun working on developing a safe and effective vaccine. This process will take a few more months, so take care of yourself before the vaccine is developed.

2. Swallowing or gargling with bleach, taking acetic acid or steroids can protect you from Coronavirus – FALSE

Truth: None of the above-mentioned recommendations will protect you; in fact, they are outright dangerous. The best way is to wash your hands and stay away from shaking hands and crowded places.

3. Many People are deliberating creating and releasing COVID 19 – FALSE

TRUTH: A disease outbreak like Coronavirus happens when a virus spreads through pig, rat, bird, and then passes to humans. However, the source is yet to be confirmed for coronavirus.

4. Ordering or buying products shipped from China will make a person sick - FALSE.

TRUTH: A lot of research is going on the new coronavirus, and scientists believe that the virus can't stay alive for a very long time on surfaces. So, you won't get the virus from a parcel from China.

5. A face mask will protect you from COVID-19 – FALSE.

TRUTH: Only professional, tight-fitting respirators (such as the N95) can protect you from infect people. If a mask doesn't fit you, it won't work on you.

So, these were a few facts and Myth related to Coronavirus to help you deal with the current situation.

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