Are you planning to go on a road trip, but your back pain isn’t letting you? If so, then don’t worry, we have some advice for you which will help you on your road trips!

1. Try to get comfortable:

The moment you sit in the car, try to get as comfortable as you can. This is because even the smallest nag can turn into a raging pain later. Some tips you can use are:

  • Keep your back pockets empty.
  • Sit with a straight back and knees slightly higher than you back!
  • Keep your back aligned with the seat
  • These are a few things you can do to sit comfortably in a car

2. Try to drive on a level road:

  • Riding on a road with bumps can increase pain in your car. For a smoother journey, you can
  • Ride in passenger car instead of an SUV or pickup.
  • Sit on a car seat pillow
  • Regularly replace shocks and tires to limit the bounce in the car.

3. Don’t drive for a long period:

Sitting in one position will stiff anyone up and later result in muscle spasm. For this reason, everyone should take a 15-minute break after 2 hours of driving. If you feel even a slight nagging before the two-hour mark, try to stop asap. It is better to plan these stops in advance so that other people aren’t annoyed, and you get your break.

4. Shift your position periodically

While sitting in a car, try to move a little in every 15-20 seconds. We mean little movement like adjusting your seat, moving your ankles, hamstring muscles, etc.

5. Support your back with your feet:

Your back and your feet are connected. If your feet are placed on a firm surface and at a height that doesn’t cause any lower back. Your problem is already solved. So, sit in a way that there is no stress on your lower back.

6. Divert your mind:

If you think about the pain, it will affect you more. For this reason, try to divert your mind to something else. If you are a passenger, watch a TV series or play with other people. Or you can listen to music or a podcast.

These are a few tips that will work on a road trip or a long drive.

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