When we sleep, we lose conscious control over our body. We can very easily end up twisting our spine or causing long-term damage without even realizing it. Therefore, it is critical to sleep in a proper posture so you can prevent any back pain and relax your body. As a general rule, never sleep on your stomach as it disturbs the normal alignment of your spine.

A few more guidelines are –

Back sleepers: If you prefer sleeping on your back, place a small pillow beneath your knees. So, that you raise your knees, and this reduces stress on your lower back. This is the reason why you should sleep with a pillow under your head to maintain spine curvature.

Side sleepers: Similarly, if you are a side sleeper, place a firm but flat pillow between your knees. This will help you align your lower spine with the hips and prevent the top leg from creating any pressure on your lower back.

Align your ribs and pelvis: While sleeping on the side, always use a waist pillow. This will help you maintain alignment between your ribs and pelvis for upper and lower back support. Don’t curl while you are sleeping on the side, as it can restrict your breathing.

Select a medium-firm mattress: the mattress is an important part of comfortable sleep, and you need to sleep on an even surface to prevent any back pain. You can need a firm mattress that can easily distribute all of your loads. A soft mattress can cause your pelvic area to sag and change your alignment. For this reason, stay away from them. A medium-firm mattress is generally accepted as a well-supportive option.

In order to sleep properly at night, you can follow the above guidelines. If you still face any issue in back pain, then it may be due to some other reason.

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