Despite Back Pain being one of the most common conditions, so many people do not even visit a doctor for it. This is probably because it is one of the most difficult conditions to diagnose. Here are four reasons why back is so difficult to diagnose:

  1. Hard to locate the source:
    The first step in any diagnosis is locating the source of the problem. As your back's anatomical structure is so complex, it is often difficult to accurately locate the pain source. There are also instances in which you might be suffering from two conditions simultaneously, and many conditions have similar symptoms. This makes it even more difficult.
  2. Diagnostic tests are limited: There are a lot of issues with diagnostic tests, but the major issue is that no one diagnostic test provides an accurate back pain diagnosis. This limitation can cause a lot of delays in the treatment. This inadequacy also explains why different doctors have a different approach to back pain.
  3. Pain is subjective: Pain is not a quantity that doctors can measure; it is a personal experience. This leaves room for speculation. For example, an overbearing pain for one might be mild pain for others. This change in experience also changes the treatment. As mild pain doesn’t call for robust treatment.
  4. Lifestyle is a big factor: Imagine you receive an accurate diagnose of back pain. However, the condition doesn’t improve or get worse with time. It might be due to poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol, bad posture, etc. It is very difficult to control these choices for a doctor.

As you can see, various factors make “Back Pain” difficult to diagnose. If you are experiencing what feels like pain sourced from your back, seek treatment early. This will allow more time to isolate the pain with assessment and diagnostic tests if applicable. We, here at “The Center for Wellness & Pain Care of Las Vegas,” believe, can help you do it.

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