Lack of mobility causes several health issues to our human body. Among the major problem is the weakness in bones and nerves. The presence of pain can result in the greater immobility which eventually worsens the condition overall.  Hence it is important to maintain high amount of physical activity. One of the major causes of bone weakness is back pain. Our spinal cord connects several parts of our human body and it strengthens the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons though continued activity. So due to lack of physical activity, accidents and vitamin deficiency our bones get weaker which leads to severe pain in our back.

Treatments for back pain:

There are several methods available these days to treat your back pain. It depends on the severity of the pain and condition of your back. Sometimes the physician will suggest spinal stimulation by giving electrical treatment to your back which is also seen as effective these days. For the long term issues and depending upon the kind of back pain physician will suggest for surgery in rare cases.

When does the surgery need?

If the pain is continuous and if there are any mechanical issues in your back then the doctor will opt for surgery.  One of the most common practices followed in back surgery is spinal fusion. In this method, your physician will join two adjacent vertebrae and forms a single unit. When a patient is suffering from surgical stenosis and aged over 50 then he/she should be treated with surgery.  Mostly when the pain is intolerable the physician may opt for surgery. Surgery may lead to several complications if not done properly so try to avoid back surgery unless absolutely necessary. Also, remember to ALWAYS get a second opinion before proceeding to surgery.

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