Back pain is very severe, it doesn't let the host do any work. There are various ways to diagnose the pain temporarily with the use of pain killers, ice packs or hot compress. Letting go of strenuous activity will give muscle more chance to relieve pain, ease stiffness.

Back pain resolves typically with rest and home remedies; however, nothing came out of it then medical treatment is necessary. Doctors usually recommend one of the following treatment when home remedies don't work:


When our body doesn't respond well to the pain killer, doctors may prescribe Codeine or hydrocodone (narcotics) for a short period. In some cases, muscle relaxants and Antidepressants are also prescribed.

Physical therapy:

This therapy usually starts with applying ice, ultrasound, heat and electrical stimulation. Then muscle release techniques are used to alleviate pain in the back muscle and soft tissues near it. Once the pain decreases, the therapist introduces some strength and flexibility exercise for the abdominal and back muscle.

Cortisone injections:

When none of the above methods works, then the doctor opt for injecting Cortisone into our epidural space, around the spinal cord. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory drug which reduces inflammation in our nerve root or numb the pain causing area for a few hours.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT):

This a recently developed technique where the patient is asked to relax and have a positive attitude. Studies show that patients with CBT are more willing to exercise and result in less recurrence of back pain.

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