We currently live in a technologically influenced era where people are busy texting, tweeting, or working on their computers/laptops. In addition to our advanced tools, they have also brought about new health conditions such as computer-slumps, text-neck, etc. In a nutshell, using smartphones and computers have impacted our daily body positions and activity. People are sitting in an unusual position for long hours, looking down more frequently, and even bending or stretching to accommodate these devices. The medical term for this is a bad position, and it has significantly impacted the body’s health.

Effects of Bad Posture:

If you sit for long hours with a slouched, hunched over the upper back with rounded shoulders and neck, then it is known as kyphotic posture. It leads to pain, disc damage, and skeletal complaints in the neck and back.

In simple terms, Normally, a head weighs ten pounds. If you are bending your head forward or backward for far too long, then it puts excessive pressure on the neck, shoulders, and back. And, after a certain time, it leads to pain and damage in discs and muscles.

What are the symptoms of bad posture?

Pain in the neck, shoulders, and back with headaches is an early indicator that something is wrong with your posture. If you continue for long, you might see a change in joints and muscles. This is a very serious condition, so it is recommended that you take note of it.

Ways to Fix Bad Posture?

If you ask any osteopath, chiropractor, or physio, they will strongly advise you to begin with posture braces. Similarly, to teeth braces, it helps your body get back in proper shape. Plus, it makes your body habitual to proper posture. So, even if you stop using it, you would be sitting in proper posture. This is a good solution if your condition is in the initial stage.

If your pain doesn’t go away with posture braces, then you can visit our clinic, “The Center for Wellness & Pain Care of Las Vegas,” where we have a world class pain management program to heal you.

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